The Gazebo(w)

Airport Heights

skidoo skidoo trikes and bikes

If anyone still wonders if the legendary gazebo of Gazeebow Unit fame does, in fact, exist — it does.

But it’s less remarkable than the legend makes it out to be.

The gazebo sits just off Airport Heights Drive on the Virginia River trail. It’s a pressure-treated wood structure and it shelters a picnic table. Its decorative archway and peaked spire give it away as one of the many ‘beautification’ projects undertaken by local non-profit St. John’s Clean and Beautiful, the group largely responsible for the much disputed Mandatory Covering of Garbage Bylaw.

According to the clerks at Philly’s Mini Mart across the street (‘goes down to Philly’s gets gravy on me chips’), the gazebo is mostly a meeting point for teenagers before their nights begin, and in daylight hours serves as a backdrop for highschool grad photos and as an attraction for Gazeebow Unit fans. The women at Philly’s say Gazeebow Unit members often drop into Philly’s.

“They’re starting to get girlfriends now,” one adds. “And they’re old enough to buy beer. Sure one of them was in here this afternoon buying beer.”

It’s not often that “ski-doos, trikes and bikes” gather at the gazebo. And, despite lyrics parodying punchups (“at da gazeebow we likes to fight”), local residents say that scraps generally take places at the tunnel nearby (“In da winter we hangs at the tunnel, When we get loaded we drink through the funnel.”)

—Lesley Thompson
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13 August 2009

  1. Emilie Bourque · August 13, 2009

    Great job on this Lesley! As a resident of Airport Heights (up the street from Philly’s) from birth until recent years, this piece warmed my heart! Haha, I could picture pretty much exactly who you spoke to at Philly’s, and the reference to Gazeebo Unit lyrics was golden…you also surely dispelled any myths about what exactly the gazebo was and if it existed…informative and entertaining…a shining piece of journalism…I ate the whole article up with a spoon! :)

  2. Geoff · August 13, 2009

    Awesome! Even if it is somewhat dated. How ’bout some shots of Mugsy/Bugsy’s ride?

  3. Courteny · August 13, 2009

    Hi there, my dad is looking for a copy of Gazeebow Unit’s cd, he really likes them, just wondering if anyone can lead me in the direction of where to get one!