Tighten The Belt

Is it time for St. John’s to consider an urban growth boundary?

Don’t Fence Me In

Taryn Sheppard thinks we can do better than put a big ol’ fence around the harbour.

Houses of the Holy

With their congregations dwindling, Taryn Sheppard asks, what will happen to churches?

Living in the Edge

CBS is now the second largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador. Taryn Sheppard ponders the future of our very own “edge city.”

Townhouse & Side Salad

Taryn Shppard looks into how a proposed mixed townhouse, commercial, and lettuce farm building downtown fits into a growing global trend of grown architecture.

Rooms for Rent

Taryn Sheppard tells us where we can get the skinny on new buildings built, being built, or planned to be built in St. John’s, including some much needed rental apartments in Pleasantville.

Newfoundland Modern

Taryn Sheppard reviews Robert Mellin’s new book about Newfoundland architecture during the Smallwood years.

FULLTILT-southside hills collage by taryn-800

Going South

Taryn Sheppard explores the big idea of developing the Southside Hills.


Fun at the Dump

Throw garbage, watch it smash, hit the slopes? Taryn Sheppard examines how dumps are becoming destintations.

101222 MUN Residences

Common Living Sense

The new MUN residence goes for sensible over sex appeal writes Taryn Sheppard.

No Parking

Are there creative architectural solutions to our downtown parking problems?