Scoff Restaurant Reviews for St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

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1Kelly's PubCasual   Fast   Fish and chips   Pub fare   25 George, St. John's 753-530055555Reviews & More Info
2Stogger's PizzaCasual   Pizza   77 Harvey Road, St. John's, A1C 2E9 579-78644. & More Info
3Pizza DelightCasual   Pizza   46 Aberdeen Avenue 757-62374.334.334.334.334.33Reviews & More Info
4Dragon 88Casual   Chinese   International   Pizza   Conception Bay Highway, Long Pond 834-211544444Reviews & More Info
5Acropolis PizzaCasual   International   Mediterranean/Greek   Pizza   Greek souvlaki, pizza delivery, pizza by the slice. Glenhill Plaza, Mount Pearl 745-20023.953.953.953.953.95Reviews & More Info
6Kimchi & SushiCasual   Fast   International   Japanese   Korean   Sushi   Take out   Atlantic Place, 215 Water Street4.574.574.574.574.57Reviews & More Info
7Humphrey's Restaurant and BarCasual   739-4867 177 – 179 New Gower St 4.674.674.674.674.67Reviews & More Info
8Bitter'sCasual   Pub fare   Memorial University, Feild Hall (off Prince Philip Dr.) 737-33003.783.783.783.783.78Reviews & More Info
9Pizza EmpireCasual   Pizza   754-5002 233 Empire Avenue3.643.643.643.643.64Reviews & More Info
10Venice PizzeriaCasual   Pizza   Take out   81 Military Road 738-73733. & More Info
11PiCasual   Pizza   726-2000 10 Kings Road www.gourmetpi.com3.433.433.433.433.43Reviews & More Info
12Duke of DuckworthCasual   Fish and chips   Pub fare   325 Duckworth Street 739-6344 www.dukeofduckworth.com3.863.863.863.863.86Reviews & More Info
13Nautical NelliesCasual   Pub fare   201 Water Street, St. John's 738-11203.393.393.393.393.39Reviews & More Info
14Wing 'N ItCasual   Diner   Pub fare   Take out   5 Bates Hill 709-237-94643.373.373.373.373.37Reviews & More Info
15Woodstock Colonial RestaurantCasual   Fine   Newfoundland fare   1959 Topsail Road, Paradise 722-6933 www.thewoodstock.com3.333.333.333.333.33Reviews & More Info
16The ClubBurger joint   Casual   Fine   Pub fare   Seafood   Steakhouse   223 Duckworth Street 726-2582 (CLUB) Facebook: & More Info
18Montana'sCasual   Fine   Pub fare   Steakhouse   80 Kenmount Road, St. John's 754-1111 From wikipedia: "Montana's Cookhouse is a Canadian restaurant headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. There a... & More Info
19Long Dick's Sausage EmporiumCasual   Fast   Take out   168 Duckworth Street, St. John's 222-08553.923.923.923.923.92Reviews & More Info
20Hobo's PizzaCasual   Pizza   227 Empire Avenue, St. John's 753-948633333Reviews & More Info
21Old Town PizzaCasual   Pizza   279 Portugal Cove Rd. 738-12343. & More Info
22Rustler's Bar & GrillCasual   Pub fare   272-276 Torbay Road 709-576-47823.573.573.573.573.57Reviews & More Info
23Pizza ExpertsCasual   Pizza   579-1100 267 Torbay Road33333Reviews & More Info
24Celtic HearthCasual   Newfoundland fare   Pub fare   298-300 Water Street, St. John's, NL 576-2880 Open 24 hours2.862.862.862.862.86Reviews & More Info
25Topsail Pizzeria & LoungeCasual   Pizza   662 Topsail Road , St. John's , NL A1E 2E2 364-353755555Reviews & More Info
26Smoke's PoutinerieCasual   Fast   Take out   165 Water Street 709 754 CURD (2873) Monday to Wednesday 11am - 11pm Thursday 11am - 3am Friday + Saturday 11am - 4am Sunday Closed http://smokespoutiner...3.583.583.583.583.58Reviews & More Info
27Fog CityCasual   Pub fare   Avalon Mall, St. John's 726-49492.792.792.792.792.79Reviews & More Info
28The Ship PubCasual   Pub fare   265 Duckworth Street 753-38703. & More Info
29Pizza ExpressCasual   Pizza   738-8282 Torbay Rd Mall, St. John's, NL A1A 1A12. & More Info
30The Outport Restaurant and PubBurger joint   Casual   Fast   Pub fare   1495 Topsail Road , Paradise , NL A1L 1P9 782-21213. & More Info
31SundanceCasual   Pub fare   George Street, St. John's 753-7822 & More Info
32Atlas PizzaCasual   Pizza   1196 Torbay Road, Torbay 437-23992.752.752.752.752.75Reviews & More Info
33Pizza Pros/Cheapie Cheapie PizzaCasual   Pizza   15 Prince of Wales 738-1717 Pizza Pro's 738-7514 Cheapie Cheapie2.682.682.682.682.68Reviews & More Info
34Guv'nor Pub & EateryCasual   Pub fare   389 Elizabeth Avenue 726-30533. & More Info
35Water Witch RestaurantCasual   335-2500 123 Town Circle Pouch Cove4. & More Info
37Yellowbelly Brewery & Public HouseCasual   Pub fare   288 Water, St. John's 757-3784 www.yellowbellybrewery.com2. & More Info
38Mr. Jim's Pizza Restaurant & LoungeCasual   Pizza   21 Commonwealth Ave, St. John's 368-90213. & More Info
39Big Bite PizzaCasual   Pizza   20 Churchill Sq, St. John's 739-66613. & More Info
41Boston PizzaCasual   Pizza   415 Stavanger Drive, St. John's 738-5544 35 Kelsey Drive, St. John's 739-99552.352.352.352.352.35Reviews & More Info
43Sal's PizzaCasual   Pizza   That pizza hut on George Street3.753.753.753.753.75Reviews & More Info
45Pronto PizzaCasual   Pizza   Villa Nova Plaza, Manuels 834-8384 55555Reviews & More Info
46Peter's Pizza & Golden FoodsCasual   Pizza   Six locations around town, one delivery number. 738-8888 3.673.673.673.673.67Reviews & More Info
47New York FriesCasual   Pub fare   Village Shopping Centre - 364-3743 Avalon Mall - 739-70743.673.673.673.673.67Reviews & More Info
48GreensleevesCasual   Pub fare    14 George Street, St. John's 579-1070 & More Info
49East Side Mario'sCasual   International   Italian   Pizza   180 Portugal Cove Road, St. John's 722-6900 & More Info
50Wok BoxCasual   Chinese   Fast   Indian   International   South-East Asian   Take out   55 A-1 Kelsey Drive 726-3222 www.wokbox.ca2. & More Info
51Connie's Cozy CornerCasual   Diner   Fast   Fish and chips   Pizza   1910 Portugal Cv Rd, Portugal Cove 895-6699 22222Reviews & More Info
52Colossal Pizza and DonairCasual   International   Middle Eastern   Pizza   366 Water Street, St. John's 753-2483 & More Info
53Chew RestaurantCasual   Chinese   Fast   International   Pizza   Take out   Atlantic Place, 215 Water Street2.752.752.752.752.75Reviews & More Info
54Mohamad Ali'sCasual   Fast   International   Middle Eastern   Take out   364 Duckworth Street (Inside The Sprout: Fri & Sat 11pm-4am, Sun & Mon 5pm-11pm) Farmers' Market Saturdays May to November Facebook3. & More Info
55Pizza HutCasual   Pizza   745-5555 2 locations: 464 Topsail Road & Churchill Square1.891.891.891.891.89Reviews & More Info
57Chilly Willy'sCasual   Fast   Pizza   Sandwiches   125 Park Avenue, Mount Pearl 745-7171 "The King of Mount Pearl Pizza" 55555Reviews & More Info
58Ugo Authentic Pizza & PastaCasual   Italian   Pizza   745-1820 430 Topsail Road Village Mall2. & More Info
59Wing N' It (Kenmount Rd)Casual   Diner   Fast   Pub fare   394 Kenmount Road, 579-922222222Reviews & More Info
60Mom's PlaceCasual   Fast   Fish and chips   Newfoundland fare   Avalon Mall, St. John's 753-16531. & More Info
61Pizza SupremeCasual   Pizza   722-2323 3 Adelaide Street11111Reviews & More Info
62The Abbey RestaurantCasual   Fine   63 Patrick Street 757-3318 (Located at Spa at the Monastery)11111Reviews & More Info
64Hotel Mount PearlCasual   Catering   364-7725 7 Park Avenue Mount Pearl00000Reviews & More Info
65Tearoom at the GardenCafe   Casual   754-8888 306 Mt. Scio Road MUN Botanical Gardens 00000Reviews & More Info
66Tula Lounge & RestaurantCasual   Pizza   Pub fare   660 Topsail Road , St. John's , NL A1E 2E2 364-812900000Reviews & More Info
67No Name PizzaCasual   International   Mediterranean/Greek   Pizza   30 Ropewalk Lane, St. John's 754-676700000Reviews & More Info
68Italian Pizza MarketCasual   Pizza    135 Campbell Avenue , St. John's 579-910000000Reviews & More Info