Best of St. John’s 2011

Jan 05 2012 • Written by Elling Lien

Each fall we come up with a ridiculously long survey and invite our readers to submit their answers. Every year more and more of you take up the challenge, and when you’re done we dig through the results.

You know how, back in the day, John Cabot said he could dip a basket over the side of his ship, haul it up, and have it be full of squirming fish? Well, this readers’ survey is kind of like that, but with nuggets of information about the city. Dip your basket in at random and you’ll likely be amused or pleasantly surprised by something you find. Or at least a little aggravated.

Between the winners, the runners up and all the other answers (in all their cantankerous, ridiculous, spelling-errored splendour) we think this survey creates a real snapshot of the city as it is right now. This is a annual big, wet kiss to the people, places and things that make St. John’s a special place to live.

Welcome, dear reader, to the one and only 2011 Best of St. John’s results.

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Sarah Smellie and Morgan Murray did the interviews. Ryan Davis crunched the numbers. Photos are as credited. Photos from the Best of St. John’s party from December will appear on the posts soon.

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