Thee Internet – Identity Crisis

Dec 12 2012 • Written by The Scope

We sent a few questions to the 2012 short-listed Atlantis Music Prize artists. Over the next day, before the award night on Thursday, we’ll be posting their answers. Find them all here.

“The album started out as a bunch of demos. It was an experiment in finding a style between the poppier and the stranger things I tried in the past. A bunch of very talented friends took interest in the songs, and we tried them out as a band. After maybe 3 or 4 shows, we recorded drums for all of the tracks! We jumped in pretty quick.

After tracking drums, the rest of the album was recorded in my basement. The demos were used as a basis, and anything cool from those was brought over the to album. Doing it this way gave us as long as we wanted to work on it, but that can hold you back after a while. There comes a point where you’ve got to commit to an approach and move on to the next track! It’s a good thing though, because your vision of what the album will be becomes a lot clearer.

There were several moments in recording that were left open to experimenting, and some of those are my favourite parts. It’s exciting to have these happy accidents pop up because they might bring out an idea or quality in the song you’ve never considered. For someone who likes to plan everything out, that was a big revelation.”

– Tyler Lovell

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