New Sushi

St. John’s has two new Sushi Restaurants. Sakura Sushi located in Churchill Square and a new Sun Sushi on Stravanger Drive.

How to We’en

Carrie Ivardi gives us some helpful hints on where to score the best Halloween swag

Reluctant Chef

Chef Damien Gibbons uses his taste driven synesthesia to create exciting and inspired dishes.


Nathan Downey gets the scoop on Junk, a high-end men’s fashion and hip housewares store.

Third Cup

Nathan Downey brings us the details about the new Second Cup franchise opening up in Downtown St. John’s

Churchill Square West

When Storefront reporter Lauren Power showed interest in checking out some of the businesses in his square, Winston Churchill was tickled pink.

Lasering! With Lasers!

Laser enthusiast Greg Leaman uses lasers to laser engrave things. Did we mention he uses lasers?

Make Your Own Beer

Brew-your-own-beer kits are taking convenience stores by storm. The Scope staff gives them a try.