Where can you find halloumi in St. John’s

Every time I go to the grocery store I check the deli sections to see if I can find halloumi cheese. I have had it at several BBQ’s in town so I know it’s around, but where can I find it? Asked by Cheese Fiend

Cooking classes in St. John’s?

Is there anywhere that offers cooking classes, either private or group, in St. John’s apart from Dominion/Sobeys? Hoping for a creative Christmas gift. :) Asked by


Where’s a good place to take my husband on date night for supper? Asked by

All Season Tires?

Do they work in slush/weather between 0-minus 5 celcious or is that just a myth? Asked by

Is there any way to save The Scope??

Is there any way at all we could help support you guys and help keep the paper running? Just based on facebook, I know a lot of people have said they would be willing to pay for it. I know I certainly would! I’m just…

What do you do with your garbage before garbage day?

I live in a row house downtown (attached on both sides), and I recently got a garbage box to put out front (saw that my neighbour had one & thought it would work for me). However, I got a letter from the city saying I…

What don’t people canoe in Quidi Vidi?

Why don’t people ever canoe in Quidi Vidi or one of the many larger ponds in the city? Is there some rules against it? I’m mostly just wondering because it seems like everyone is forced to go out to Paddy’s Pond and Sunshine camp to…


Is there somewhere online or in print where one can see a listing of auditions or audition calls for Newfoundland? Asked by