The Time Cave

MUN Clocktower. Photo by Kerri Breen.

While the tower itself serves as a memorial to the province’s soldiers, there’s a different battle being fought underneath MUN’s clocktower—mostly between wizards.

The dingy annex underneath the tower—nicknamed the Time Cave—is a hangout for students, some of whom play Magic: The Gathering.

Understandably, the cave is an oasis for those who aren’t content to wait for a chair in the crowded university centre. It’s not the most obvious candidate for a makeshift cafeteria, but there are benches, carpet, and even a recycling bin.

With the exception of the people walking back and forth through the MUNnels, the time cave is a relatively quiet place to sit and relax, study, or as per the custom, play Magic.

The clocktower’s underbelly isn’t just a novel hangout though.

“[It’s] also a small museum consisting of a number of story boards and a number of objects recording the history of Memorial University,” Ivan Muzychka, associate director of MUN’s department of marketing and communications says.

The glass display case contains yesterday’s MUN apparel, yellowed issues of The Muse, and other interesting tidbits of years gone by.

— Kerri Breen
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17 December 2009

  1. less university please · December 17, 2009

    Too many ‘Nooks and Crannys’ about/around MUN. Been there, done that – got the piece of paper… the campus really wasn’t all that fascinating. The city has a lot of quirky history. I now know enough about the exterior and interior of the clock tower, thanks a bunch… but i think this column ought to expand it’s scope a little.

    “Less is more” as they say.

    ps. should also think about spreading the clock towers out a bit.. just sayin’

  2. Elling · December 17, 2009

    We’re always open to suggestions…