Happy 105th, Virgin Berg!

It was 105 years ago on this day that St. John’s photographer T.B. Hayward captured a snapshot of the legendary Virgin Mary iceberg.

9 Allan Square

Home owners sometimes put a lot of work into the appearance of their front door, but Don and Doris Hillier of Allan Square have turned the outside of their townhouse into what some would call a work of art.

Red cliff radar site

In 1951, when the Cold War made air defence from Soviet bombers a priority, the site was chosen as a radar base for North East Air Command, as part of a North American early warning system.

Inn of Olde

Far from the booming bass of George Street is Quidi Vidi’s quirky Inn of Olde.

The Seal Tank

Seaworld may have Shamu, but we have Lenny, the seal with a rubber fetish.

Archaological dig

“We’re finding garbage,” says Stéphane Noël, when asked to describe the type of artefacts he and fellow Archaeology students are uncovering on Signal Hill. But, of course, that’s what he’s after.

The steps by the courthouse

Back in the 19th century, this was called Market House Hill and was home to the rowdiest public hanging gallows in town, alongside a public market, the post office and the old Courthouse.

The Dog Statues

“I can’t think of many other places in the world with a name represented by two internationally known breeds of dog,” says Boykov, an artist and sculptor who studied at the Bulgarian Academy of Fine Arts.

The Giant Squid

If you want to keep a giant squid as a pet, you need a very large tank. You might be better off visiting The Rooms, where a female giant squid, or Architeuthis, is preserved in an 800-gallon tank.

Gibbet Hill

Named for a hangman’s platform — a gibbet — used in the colonial period to scare people from committing crime.

Old Petty Harbour Road

The abandoned road between Petty Harbour-Maddox Cove and St. John’s is still great for hiking and mountain biking.