Roll it Out

Photo by Jason Anfinsen

After years of planning, multiple public forums, a bit of public protest, and a change in engineering firms, it’s finally happening; St. John’s is getting bike lanes. Seriously, like, right now.

“It has gone to tender at this point and they are going to start putting the lanes in,” says Jennifer Mills, Communications Officer for the City of St. John’s. “There will be bike lanes in some parts of the city and, in other parts, there will be arrows, or ‘sharrows,’ painted on the road. They’re looking at mid-summer for completion, about the middle of July.”

You can check out where all this bike laning and sharrowing will take place on this handy map prepared by the city.

To all the kids and grown-ups out there on two wheels, we offer our most enthusiastic “Wheeeee!”


Blogoween: Special screening tonight of Troll 2

Blogoween: Special screening tonight of Troll 2

A special double-feature of Troll 2 and Best Worst Movie is playing tonight, Thursday, October 7 at Empire Theatres at 7:30pm.

7 October 2010

  1. J · October 7, 2010

    Can we get lines painted on the roads for cars first?

  2. Anonymous · October 7, 2010

    Just as I imagined, this has been fucked up by the city. It’s like they gave a box of crayons to a five year old and told them to map a bike lane plan. Whatever happened to competent city planning? They left out the streets that actually need bike lanes, and mostly included streets where the only purpose the lanes will serve is to take away residents’ parking spots. The city doesn’t even put lanes for cars on most of those streets. That’s because road lanes aren’t necessary there, and neither are the bike lanes.

  3. Neil · October 7, 2010

    Anonymous has it right… crayons…lol! St. John’s City Hall and ‘planning’ are so far removed from each other it’s ridiculous. They are doing the same thing with development in the downtown and now this!! Shite… I am an avid biker and had been looking forward to this for some time. Someone at City HAll should do a little biking in Montreal… what they have done there is fantastic and tho not necessarily for this city… surely a lesson or two could be learned. Stupido!!!

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