Bike Plan H’Update

Photo by Flickr user Richard Drdul

Yes! First, according to Robin King, the city’s Transportation Engineer, the section of the Virginia River Trail from Windsor Lake to Penney Crescent has been freshly widened to accomodate walkers and cyclists alike. Next, as part of the off-road component of the Cycling Plan, the trail from Captain Whealen Drive running along Columbus Drive and Prince Philip Drive is “nearing completion.” And finally, for the on-road section of the Plan, which includes sharrows and bike lanes on select roads, they’re moving as quick as they can given the lousy weather. “We’ve been delayed by almost three weeks because of the rain,” says King. “So, we’re probably looking at the third week in August for completion. If it keeps raining, then it’ll be September, but I’m hoping that the third week in August will be the official launch.” It’s good news, folks.


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8 July 2008

  1. Gary · July 8, 2008

    Good news! The asphalt on the bike path near Prince Phillip drive was a welcome sight on Friday, although I’d rather have seen the money spent on that section used elsewhere, as I’ve never had any trouble biking on Elizabeth Ave. A map of the Virginia River Trail is at the link. If there’s a map of other sections completed to date, I’d love to see it.

  2. Anonymous · July 8, 2008

    What a waste of time and money.

  3. william · July 8, 2008

    same with the torbay bypass, but nobody seems to complain about that.

  4. Stephen · July 8, 2008

    Great start. Now I can get to school without nearly getting run over by all the shitty drivers in this city.

    Love the bike paths, use the one on Columbus every day, they are really great to ride on.

  5. Jimmy · July 8, 2008

    At least now the bike users will have their own little path…..lets hope when they cross intersections they KNOW how to do it the right way!

  6. The Chewf · July 8, 2008

    Yeah thanks for completely replacing the sidewalks on Captain Whalen and Prince Philip with those bike lanes. Where do people walk now?

  7. East End cyclist · July 8, 2008

    I was on Virginia River Trail Saturday and notice the several bike gates have been tore apart. It looks as if a ATV went though there and ripped the gate apart! Wow must be a record, less then a week offically opened and it already tore up. All I’m hoping is the city does place those boulders back in there place. The guys who place them, I believe have never road a bike before. They are to close together.

  8. Stephen · July 8, 2008

    The sidewalks on the other side? The bike path is only on one side of the road. Or the path, I pass people walking/jogging on the new paths everyday.

  9. The Chewf · July 8, 2008

    On Captain Whelan there was a sidewalk on one side of the road….which is now a bike lane. If the planners had any sense they would have widened and marked the lanes for biking on one side and walking on the other, like they have in Amsterdam.

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