Bike collective moving to Water Street

Image from Ordinary Spokes.

Ordinary Spokes, the St. John’s bike collective that could, has a snazzy new location on the west end of Water Street. 

“We just grew too fast for our old location, which was a residential spot on Pleasant Street,” says Sarah Armstrong, a member of the collective. They move into their new spot, at 578 Water Street, between Patrick Street and Alexander Street, on the first of July.

“We’ve been putting money aside for a commercial space for about a year and a half,” says Armstrong. “Primarily it’s going to be the bike shop, but we’re hoping to use it as a community multi-use space as well.”

They’ll be holding their regular open hours, where people can bring in their bikes and use Ordinary Spokes’ tools and mechanics to help fix them, as well as bike-building workshops. You can also drop by to purchase a used bike, refurbished by mechanics and workshoppers. If you need them, they have a modest inventory of tubes, tires, cranks and ball bearings. They can also special-order parts. 

“You can also come in an donate a used bike if you want,” says Armstrong.

They’re expecting to hold their first open hours on the night of July 6th. “We won’t be able to open right away because we’re going to need to build up the work spaces,” says Armstrong. “We also want to build a shutter system so that we can close off the bike shop part and people could use the space for community events. It’s really hard to find an affordable space for stuff like movie screenings and small events.”

Now that they’re in such a public space, Armstrong expects that the collective will probably change a lot, and they’re working hard to find the best possible model. They hold meetings at Rocket Bakery, 272 Water Street, on Mondays at 5:30 for anyone who’d like to get involved. Otherwise, keep track of them via their website.


  1. Neil · January 5, 2012

    Love the name…. Ordinary Spokes!!!