McCreath wins gold

Transsexual athelete Jennifer McCreath has finished the marathon at the 2009 Outgames in Denmark, making her the first person in world history to run a marathon in a third gender catgory specific for transsexuals, winning a gold medal for the achievement.

…She was the only one running in the category, but still. It’s definitely a landmark.

Here’s the text from her blog:

wow, i just completed the marathon about an hour ago. it went very well. i chose a pace that i felt comfortable with and sustained it pretty much all the way thru.. 2.08.00 on the front 2.11.54 on the back, giving me a fairly respectable 4.19.54 goal was just to break 5 hours so i am really happy… got a gold medal for me efforts too, which was great. i am now the first formally recognized transsexual in world history to run a marathon..

looking forward to dinner with dignitaries tonight and then the swim tomorrow

You can read more about Jennifer at her blog, or read our interview with her here.

Here’s a photo of me and Jennifer after the cover photoshoot at Topsail Beach.
Photo by Mark Bennett.


“Let It Go” by Erin Costelo

Nova Scotia soul musician, in town for Wreckhouse.

12 July 2013

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    HUGE congratulations, Jennifer! Woo!

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