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1 Dunns Road, Mount Pearl

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47 Reader Reviews of Jasmine’s

(5 positive, 2 negative)
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    Overall Rating44444
    The Unknown Critic Says:

    Typical Family restaurant tucked away across the street from Royal City Garage…Take out or counter service great little place home made soups and great clubhouse sandwich…Hot turkey and hot roast beef I would say are the house specialty I am never dissapointed when I order these items…Only bottled and canned drinks so no refills on pop but coffee fresh ground is great and you get refills have yet to be able to have dessert alway s too full after lunch lol…

    Repeat and have and will agian!

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    Overall Rating22222
    Gary Says:

    Not exactly sure how to take this place. The staff seemed generally friendly,and the food was ok (a little greasy and heavy on the stomach, but that is expected when u visit a place like this ).
    It was the other things about this place that had me wondering.
    I rolled my eyes a little at the “cheap” nature of their imposed rules. They have a sign posted behind the counter saying that they will not double bag an order (or something to that effect), and the staff are not alowed to bring the actual pepsi can to the table (because they dont want the customer to take the can when they leave — and looose the recycling revenue ! — omg come off it). We were also given 1 napkin to use each, and they do not ice to put in your drinks. These little things really ruined it for me here, so I will go to Ches’s from now on up the road, where I can have as many napkins as I desire.

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    Overall Rating44444
    GirlHeartsFood Says:

    I had heard it was good, but I was skeptical. It was really good. The fish and chips was fresh, and not too greasy. Around ten dollars for bill including drink.

    Deducting one star for all the weird rules they have posted around the place and the terrible decor. But for a good, quick feed I would say definitely try it. I’ll be back there soon!

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    Overall Rating44444
    Marge Says:

    This has been my favourite place to eat since it opened (next to Scampers, of course). While the “hand printed signs” around the restaurant are very tacky, the food and customer service makes it worth while to go there.

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    Overall Rating55555
    L Says:

    I went to Jasmine’s recently, after a couple years since being there last. And, I was not disappointed.

    I have always liked the food there. While it would never stand up to some of the finer restaurants in town, it’s the best for what it is; heavy, coma-inducing, comfort food.

    The decor used to be pretty dreary, but I found out today that it’s been updated. And, wow, what an improvement. It was very cheery and inviting.

    The silly rules also appear to be gone. The only rule I saw was a very understandable “no outside food allowed.”

    Add on the great service I received, and you get 5 stars from me.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Lt Says:

    Won’t go again……..
    I went to jasmines to place a take out order of fries. It was busy but I did’t expect to be totally ignored. I was there for ten minutes before I walked out. Of the 10 minutes, I was alone at the counter for about 5 and the two waitresses kept walking past me. The final straw came when someone came up to the counter to make a payment, the waitress took his payment, made eye contact with me and walked away!

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    Overall Rating55555
    Shery Says:

    Love Jasmines really great place to eat comfort food…The restaurant has had a face lift and it looks awesome….Bathrooms are always clean…Staff are are very friendly…Have been there many times and will be there many more …:)

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