Big R Restaurant

69 Harvey Road, St. John’s -722-2256

201 Blackmarsh Road, St. John’s – 722-6549


  1. bryan · December 27, 2012

    Three of us had fish and chips and a beer each. One-piece was a tasty and perfect amount. The entire bill and tip only came to about $30–not bad at all!

    Four stars for being good at what it is.

  2. Early August · December 27, 2012

    Got take-out from the Blackmarsh location and tried their “Seafood Platter” recently and was very disappointed. The fries were great, as was the gravy, but the seafood was very tough, and half of it I couldn’t even visibly tell what I was eating! Threw most of it in the garbage.

  3. Cindy · December 27, 2012

    Same with me! More than half the seafood went in the garbage. Absolutely disgusting. Worst take out I’ve ever had!

    The shrimp even had the poop veins left in them! URGH

  4. AHOLLETT · December 27, 2012


  5. Roberta · December 27, 2012

    Honestly, I love this fish and chip store, I eat here all the time … I dont even eat at any other place… Honestly, the fish is always fresh and they have great specials!

    I hate ches’s too much batter and gross grease that makes me sick!

  6. GirlHeartsFood · December 27, 2012

    Is it just me, or is the greasy food getting greasier in St. John’s? Is it that all the good fish and chips cooks retired or went out west?

    Let’s be clear. I MOVED HOME so I could go to Ches’s. Little bit of exaggeration but not much. And I had to give it up after 1) found peel still on onions in onion rings and 2) got raw fish and batter.

    So on to the Big R when I needed my last feed. Uh, the fish was so dry I could swear I was eating salt fish, which is weird because the outside was MARINATED in grease. My fries where made out of potatos that had turned black. Yummy.

    AND…done. I’ll hit By Da Beach or Captain’s Table this summer. But by in large, I think my fish and chip days will be reserved for when I go around the bay and my aunt makes it for me.

  7. Anonymous · December 27, 2012

    Does the Big R still have the 5 dollar breakfast? I wouldn’t go here for fish and chips, but I always loved the breakfast. Eggs, fries, sausage/bacon, toast, and coffee for 5 bucks. Nothing wrong with that at all.

  8. Juanita · December 27, 2012

    Of course it’s greasy! It’s deep fried in grease! Ask for it pan fried if you don’t want the grease!

  9. Lanie Doe · December 27, 2012

    The one on Blackmarsh Rd has the best homemade white bread ever. Just like Nan used to make.

  10. Anonymous · December 27, 2012

    So a few months back I asked if Big R still had the 5 dollar breakfast. I just got back from there and indeed they do, however it’s gone way downhill. I know it’s only 5 bucks for a plate of food, so there’s not much room for complaining, but honestly why would they choose to stop including coffee with a traditional breakfast? The people working there were lazy and surly, in my opinion they should both be fired. I was the only customer in the store and the employees weren’t doing anything but there were still dirty dishes laying around from people who had been there earlier. I pretty much had to set my own table. I had to wait to pay at the counter in an empty restaurant for at least 5 minutes while the employees were out back smoking or something. I considered just leaving without paying, and that’s probably what I should have done. I always used to like their breakfast so I’m willing to give them another shot, but next time I will be going to the Harvey Road location.

  11. Tom · December 27, 2012

    Best Fish and Chips in town. I know, I know (The Duke, Captain’s Table etc), but this is my favourite.

  12. Rod Forward · December 27, 2012

    Would like a little more information from the anonymous person who left the comment August 13, 2011. So that we can understand the problem a bit more clearly, and work on any areas that may need improvement.
    Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  13. John F. Kennedy · December 27, 2012

    The poutine is 10/10

  14. Fishyfish · December 27, 2012

    MUCH better than Ches’s!

  15. L. J. · December 27, 2012

    On my vacation we stopped into Big R’s for fish, chips, dressing and gravy. I use to be a fan of Rice’s since I was a child.
    We stopped in for a supper that I had been waiting for the whole time since I arrived and I was absolutely disgusted with the pre-fried fish I couldn’t get my little plastic knife through and I couldn’t taste the dressing, fries dripping of grease. As we were leaving we told them how awful it was and were informed that apparently everyone pre-fries the fish now so it’s served faster during tourist season.
    I was never so disappointed in a meal in my whole life. That was my last trip home so there will never be another chance to try it again!!
    However, try Chafe’s Landing, from what I understand a two hour line up for food must speak for itself.

  16. disappointed · December 27, 2012

    you know I’ve been going to the big r every since they had the only one location it was awesome but now that I live closer to blackmarsh rd store I use that one but the last I’d say three times I had it there wasn’t fit to feed my dog.The fish was half done but the fries were ok but what makes it so much worse is the poor service.You are waiting to place an order no one else is in the store and they are deciding what they want the delivery driver to pick up at tim’s like really can’t ya serve and do that later.They even forgot to give me my drinks but it’s not worth the gas to pay to go get them again. That was my very last time in there if I want to throw my money away i’ll give it to sally ann’s.I suggest you should straighten out the staff and cook better food now before you don’t get any more customers because like me they will give up hope to get a good meal too.