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19 January 2007

  1. Natrix · January 19, 2007

    It was bound to happen.

    Tea Zone fairly recently shut down, unable to find success with their rather unique business model, that of literally never being open. In its place is now the reincarnation of Bamboo Garden, a down-to-earth Chinese restaurant.

    Had supper there one night with a friend…and then returned the next day for take-out lunch. And then a few evenings later, take-out supper. How quickly one becomes a regular to small restaurant staff!

    The owner is pleasant, the service attentive, and the food is excellent. They serve the range of westernized Chinese dishes (wonton soup, egg rolls, ginger beef, etc), but also a nice variety of more traditional noodle and other foods. Nothing overly fancy, but I find it delicious, and very, very generously proportioned, like Chinese food should be! I keep coming back for the price–$6 and $6.80 combos and lunch specials, and mains ALL (maybe give or take a few?) under $10. How can you not be satisfied? I know I’ll be back!

    FYI, at time of writing, they are still working out a few bank/credit card machine glitches, and can only accept cash. Soon to be fixed, though!

  2. Harry · January 19, 2007

    Easily the best chinese food in town right now.The prices are unbeatable,service is good,the owners seem very nice,honest people.The food itself?…Phenomenal,very hot and very nicely done,its my take-out spot of choice right now,and the fact that youre open til 11 every night really caters to the late crew.Plus its at the bottom of my street.

  3. Panda · January 19, 2007

    Just really to reinforce what was said above…

    Great service, she asked us after each dish if we wanted more or less spice in the next, water glass was never empty.

    Fed four of us (all big eaters) with soups for $45 + tip

    New favorite Chinese food spot!

  4. Peggy · January 19, 2007

    Love the jasmine tea and the noodles with beef and black bean sauce. Very tasty.

    Also love that they do have a few items on the menu that are more traditional and unique than the average ‘Canadian style’ chinese food, though they have that too.

    The service is always lovely and very personalized – feel free to ask for no msg or to direct how much spice you want in any of their dishes.

    We eat here often for something quick, cheap, relatively healthy in a simple and pleasant atmosphere.

  5. hungry hungry hippo · January 19, 2007

    Could very well be the best delivery Chinese food in St. John’s.

    Ordered steamed rice, “beef with orange taste”.. yeah, weird name.. and the spicy shrimp. It was all delicious and cheap.

  6. Ilovetoeat · January 19, 2007

    Somewhere to come to get great service from geuinely happy people, cheap meals and tons of food.

    Great place for students to go and study and get some awesome food, while staying in budget.

    I would reccommend Bamboo Garden to anyone who likes to eat!

  7. Peggy · January 19, 2007

    Delightful service – a rarity in our town!

    The food is also really good. Not exactly authentic chinese, but I think the closest to it that we can get here in the city (obviously that depends on what you order! we don’t order the typical canadian-chinese dishes.

    Really can’t beat if for the price – and everything is fresh made to order, which is really nice. You can order anything without msg and spiced to your liking.

    I’m giving 5 stars – not because it’s a 5star restaurant, but because for what it is, it deserves 5 stars.

  8. Linda C · January 19, 2007

    Just had lunch there for the first time and was very pleased with everything. Food was piping hot and very inexpensive. Service was great. I dropped my knife and the lady came running in from the back to see if I was ok. My total bill was $6.66 and I was full.

  9. TJ · January 19, 2007

    Attentive service; asked how ‘hot’ I wanted my curry,chilli pasta dish, water refilled without asking, excellent timing with taking away dirty dishes, and inquired about satisfaction.

    Food; excellent portions, hot food served and enjoyed the taste of the sliced pork in the won ton soup. Beef broccoli beef is cut thin but makes easy eating to enjoy the great flavor. Shrimp very juicy which would almost explode in your mouth.

    Environment; more functional setup (basic tables,chairs and decor). I would strongly recommend ANY music other than radio. Strongest distain was throughout the entire stay there was a repeating beeping noise coming from behind cash counter. May have been a timer of some sort but 80% of the time there I could hear it. Just slightly annoying at best (or worst).

    Fairly good prices for delicious food and great service. I would return.

  10. Lance · January 19, 2007

    For real? this place is 3 star at beat, Asian Taste next door is better.

  11. Stefan · January 19, 2007

    Best Chinese ever I wish they delivered to mount pearl…..rice is amazing. Owners very nice you have to try it

  12. From Halifax · January 19, 2007

    What is it with Chinese food in St. John’s? The first time we tried this place the food was as good as we had tried anywhere in St. John’s. The second time we ordered the ginger chicken with green onions, as advertised in the menu, and received chicken mixed up with a bunch of vegetables…no ginger and go green onion. When I called about this, the woman said that her husband forgot to put the green onions in the dish. What about the ginger? Not that the food tasted bad but there was no ginger or green onion in the ginger chicken with green onions. We then decided to order ginger chicken from New China Town restaurant on Campbell Avenue and got chicken with black bean sauce hot enough to numb our mouths and give stomach aches. Again, no ginger in the ginger chicken. These are the last 2 Chinese restaurants we will try in St. John’s. We will make our own until we get back to Halifax.

  13. Mr. Pattern · January 19, 2007

    Tasty, cheap, no MSG. What’s not to like?

  14. Bee · January 19, 2007

    Love you Bamboo!
    Soooooo yummy. And sweet sweet owners!

  15. kate · January 19, 2007

    This place has become my go to Chinese take-out. I will never go to a buffet again, this place is much cheaper and I always have tons of leftovers. The Singapore noodles are my favorite, the beef belly is also amazing. The interior leaves something to be desired, it is small and plain, but that’s why I generally decide to do take-out. My boyfriend and I spend around $33 and we get enough for at least 4 meals.

  16. Richard · January 19, 2007

    Now Banboo Garden is having delivery service. Just make a phone call.