Two debuts

Photo by Martin Connelly

According to Amy House, RCA Artistic Animateur “The entire envelope of the building is redone. The entrance is now glass and the corridor is quite wide, it’s very nice and it’s very inviting. It’s like being in a new building.”

The RCA has been out of the Hall for about two and a half years, and construction has been ongoing for the past year.

The biggest change is the set up. The RCA converted what used to be the gallery into a downstairs performance space that will seat 60. House says the facility will accommodate developmental works and readings, but will also be used as a crush space when there’s a show on the go upstairs. “It’s also where the bar is,” she adds.

Until June marks the soft opening of the renovated hall, which will continue to softly open until the grand opening on October 6th this year. Between now and then, House says, they’ll work out the kinks associated with the new space, and work out scheduling, box office, and any other issues. There will never be two events running simultaneously, but there’s still a lot to figure out.

This will be the play’s second developmental incarnation—which explains the limited four night run. The first was last summer in Toronto at the Summerworks Theatre Festival. This time around, playwright and actor Jane Maggs wanted to see how the play, set in Newfoundland, resonated with local audiences.

Until June is a tragic comedy about Lily, a young woman who has idolized her older sister Monica throughout her life. It explores how the people we love can alter our lives with their failings as much as their affection, and features Maggs, Sue Kent, Mark O’Brien, and director Sherry White. It is a co-production of RCA theater, East of Reason (run by Maggs herself) and White Rooster.

Until June will run at the LSPU—3 Victoria St—from Wednesday, Apr 7 to Sunday, Apr 11 at 8pm. $25. Pay What you can matinee on Sunday, Apr 11 at 2pm. Call 579-4424 for tickets or info.