DIY milk crate crafts

Dave Sullivan can imagine a world made entirely of milk crates. Can you?

Recently I’ve begun working in a technology lab where milk crates are being used to store everything from files to computer and robotic components. With an economic meltdown close at hand, milk crate crafts are experiencing a comeback of sorts. Below are seven items that can be made from milk crates.

Milk Crate Pet Cave
4 milk crates
1 extremely sharp knife
16 zip ties (cable ties)
1 blanket

Carefully cut the bottoms out of all the milk crates using the extremely sharp knife. Line them up in the shape of a tunnel, connect each side of the crate to the adjoining side using zip ties. Take a blanket and cover the crates to create the darkness of your cave. Then it’s up to your cat/dog/rat/hamster to make the most of it.

Record Storage
1 milk crate
30 – 40 LP’s of your choice.
4 pieces of masonite cut to fit the crate.
Various photos of your favorite band (mine is REO Speedwagon)
Glue (not for recreational usage)

Take crate. Chuck albums in said crate. Bingo! You got yourself a record storage rack. For optional supplies, adjoin masonite to the sides of the milk crate, then decorate using the oft-overlooked decoupage technique of southern France.

2 milk crates (for skinny folk, double for girth)
1 pair of winter boots
1 ball of twine
Glue gun
1 sharp knife

Take the winter boots and tie them securely to the base of each milk crate. Slip on your boots, tie them up and away you go. You may want to try cutting down the sides of your crates by six or seven inches with an extremely sharp knife. This may make things more comfortable. For larger folk, such as myself, you need to cut out one side from each crate and fasten the crates together with both hot glue and twine. Place the boot in the center at the join and secure it to the base of the crate.

Happy snowshoeing.

Milk Crate Bed Frame
(Queen sized bed only)
30 milk crates (6 rows of 5)
Lots of zip-ties (cable ties)

Layout your milk crates in 6 rows of five crates down the centre of where you want your bed to be located. Secure the crates together with zip ties. Slap your bed on there, and sweet dreams.

Coffee Table
16 milk crates
48 zip-ties
1 nice piece of fabric

Simply stack two rows of four milk crates upside down on your floor. Next, stack two more rows of four on top of those crates. Zip-tie them together, complete the piece with a nice piece of fabric and nobody will ever know that there are milk crates under there.

Ball Hockey Mask
1 milk crate (blood red… for terror!)
1 baseball cap
1 glue gun
1 glue stick (for the gun)
1 extremely sharp knife

Using the knife, carefully cut out enough plastic from the side (pick a side, any side) of your crate. Get an adult to glue the baseball cap to the top of said crate. Sick it on your head and away you go!

Milk Crate Laptop Bag
(13” or less)
1 milk crate
1 shoulder strap
1 neoprene sleeve
1 extremely
sharp knife
6 zip-ties
1 glue gun
1 glue stick (for the gun)
nylon (optional)
measuring tape

With the milk crate sitting open side up, measure two inches from one of the sides without a handle. Cut straight through the crate at the two-inch mark, you are now left with a small cross section of the crate. Next, cut the opposite face off the crate (only the face) so it is a flat surface. Glue the removed face onto the two-inch wide section you cut earlier—this should form a slim box without a lid. Reinforce the gluing with zip-ties to be on the safe side. Connect your shoulder straps to either side of your box. Slip your laptop (13” or less) into your neoprene sleeve. Put the sleeve in the box and there you have it, a milk crate laptop bag! If you wish you can glue gun nylon fabric around the inside of the crate bag for extra protection.

Stay safe!

Illustration by Tara Fleming