St. John’s City Council Live Blog for Sept 17, 2012

Sep 19 2012

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  1. Here’s a question. Randy Simms is currently the mayor of Mount Pearl. The election is almost a year away. Does Randy Simms stay on as host of VOCM open line after he has declared himself a candidate in the election or does he step aside temporarily for a month or three prior to the election? Does he accept open line calls from his opponent? How would he handle that? Would that be fair to his opponent? Does VOCM have a policy on that? I’m not necessarily a Frank Galgay fan, but just wondering …

  2. Christopher Chafe

    The only time Randy Simms would have to step aside from his duties at VOCM is if there will be other candidates for Mayor. If no one else runs for mayor then he does not have to step aside.

  3. Thanks for clarifying that. So if Andrew Harvey were running open line on VOCM he would be stepping aside until the election was over, because Mr. Galgay has indicated that he will be running again. Is there any comparison to be made between that situation and Andrew’s continued coverage of Council through Scope and his decision to run as a candidate?