St. John’s city council live blog

4:31:30 PM: The St. John’s City Council liveblog: just how city council will be when Bladerunner happens.

4:34:23 PM: Andrew Harvey here to bring you the down and dirty details of council. Here’s O’Keefe to start the show.

4:35:46 PM: There is a delegation for Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity awarness month.

4:37:39 PM: Someone who suffers from this is discussing the problems associated with living with this condition. Apparently wireless stuff does not help

4:39:45 PM: Delegation for Shinerama, supporting the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Sept. 10th is Shine day.

4:41:09 PM: A delegation is here from CYN, talking about the Walking he Red Road for homelessness. Two people walked 645km’s from Conn River to town!

4:42:09 PM: Noel is here, who did the walk with his mother. A fantastic feat to raise money and awarness for an important issue.

4:42:56 PM: All of council is here for the meeting as well.

4:44:26 PM: A delegation from Canada World youth talking about the exchange 7 youth will have with youth from Ghana. They will be volunteering in Sept.

4:49:06 PM: Galgay is moving to defer the rezoning of the freshwater rd 7th day aventists property. If a new proposal comes in, there will be a meeting

4:50:37 PM: They are voting to move ahead on the rezoning of the woolworths block to allow extra height. The next step is a public meeting on the matter

4:54:33 PM: Development committee report. A 28 unit subdivision is to be approved in Kilbride, on Connolly’s lane.

4:55:35 PM: Public Works report. Hickman says that the city has dealt with the giant hogweed problem on public property.

4:56:51 PM: They are also hiring a consultant to look at the odour problem in the east end. Presumably coming from the dump.

4:58:07 PM: The City will be meeting with Vicki Kamenski about Eastern Health staff smoking on city property.

4:59:37 PM: It turns out that after banning smoking at the health sciences centre has resulted in staff standing beside the walking path by long pond.

5:01:56 PM: They are discussing ways they can improve active policing of litter in the city. Currently they only respond to complaints.

5:02:56 PM: It is probably not that likely they will hire the new staff, and I sounds like current staff are stretched too thin.

5:05:38 PM: Currently they are only asking to look at the cost, and it will go to the budget for 2011. Good luck, that is a long line.

5:06:49 PM: Colbert has some issues with some changes being made to the replacement of water pipes when there is a break.

5:08:24 PM: What happens is the city does the work, and charges the home owner $500. It often costs more than this.

5:09:27 PM: O’Leary says that litter is the #1 concern she hears about from residents, and wants to see enforcement improved.

5:14:22 PM: Danny Breen says that there are several odours in the east end, including one last Friday he says was “quite pronounced”

5:15:28 PM: O’Keefe says that re. litter, the system is complaint based, and when they notify offenders, they usually clean it up.

5:17:00 PM: O’Keefe: “I think the system we have works well” re. budgetary concerns “we have enough other concerns for 2011”

5:18:57 PM: Parks and Rec report. The city will be givign SJ minor Baseball a one time grant of $7000 to help cover a deficit, and help with planning.

5:20:34 PM: The Johnson Family Foundation wants to partner with the city and ACOA to build a park by Deadman’s pond.
5:24:50 PM: Colbert says that the $10,000 we give them is nothing compared to what we would have to pay I the city ran the ball fields.

5:26:01 PM: Colbert also wants to tip his hat to all of the volunteers who run the Amature Baseball association.

5:34:49 PM: Hann has several questions about the selection of members for the Arts Advisiory committee. He would like to see a public call for members.

5:36:49 PM: The Mayors Advisiory Committee is making a resolution to be brought to the Municipalities NL conference.

5:38:05 PM: The city will call on other municipalities to work collectively to address affordable housing.

5:42:14 PM: The flag at city hall will be lowered from Sept 13-17th for Sexual Violence Awarness Week. NL has the highest sexual violence rates in Can.

5:43:24 PM: Danny Breen says that we obviously have a deficit in infastructure, and would like to see a list of issues needed to be addressed.

5:44:36 PM: O’Keefe says yes, we have a list, and they total over $250 million! Holy snikies. They are going to look at this next meeting to plan ahead.

5:49:19 PM: O’Leary is talking about an award they have in Kingston called the Golden Broom, which rewards the cleanest street, or buisness.

5:54:03 PM: Hann says that if the cheif of the RNC wants to put CCTV’s on George st, he would support it.

5:57:05 PM: Right now, these cameras are just talk, originating from comments made by the new cheif. I am sketched out by the whole idea. Thanks Orwell

5:57:05 PM: Right now, these cameras are just talk, originating from comments made by the new cheif. I am sketched out by the whole idea. Thanks Orwell

6:03:26 PM: That’s all folks, back in two weeks for more Municipal Madness a la Andrew Harvey!


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17 August 2006

  1. Jordan · August 17, 2006

    The city needs a new flag, ours is pathetic.

  2. Jack · August 17, 2006

    A new council wouldn’t go astray either.

  3. Elling Lien · August 17, 2006

    You’re right! It is pretty boring:

  4. hooops · August 17, 2006

    Whatever happened to the library in the city hall annex?

  5. Jordan · August 17, 2006

    I always figured we were just stuck with ours but there are alot of cities that only adopted their flags in the last 30 years.

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