Catmanduah CD release

The eclectic and prolific Danny Keating has released an album that is actually for sale.


Colonel Craze and The Hunch CD Release

Reptilian Lipstick is the most ass-kickingest, crotchgrabbingly, bad-ass album you’ll listen to this year, says Patrick Canning, so if you go to their shows you’d better dance and scream.


Wax Mannequin

From the mysterious and magical land of Hamilton, Ontario, Wax Mannequin has been spreading his scruffy, unabashedly melodramatic, throaty cabaret prog-punk-pop for the better part of the decade.


Floods make waves

New, interesting local instro act? Patrick Canning’s got it covered.

Halloween at Holdsworth Court

Patrick spent his Halloween weekend like he spends most of his weekends: taking videos of people making fools of themselves.


Oct 28: You Say Party! We Say Die!

YSP!WSD! have been tearing across the landscape supporting the release of their third album, and Wednesday was the first time they’d ever set foot in St. John’s.


The Offering of Curtis Andrews

Curtis Andrews has a mighty and powerful beard and a very colourful wardrobe. Besides these already wondrous attributes, he is also one of the most gifted and accomplished musicians this town has put out.

Monsterbator debut + Geinus

No, they aren’t severely troubled 12-year-olds or a band from New York City, but Monsterbator are a new local band. And last weekend they gave one of the most violent and energizing spectacles Patrick Canning has seen all year.