Savage Love

Miss Savage Love? Check out VOCM’s Friday Night Sex Show, 8-10pm. Seriously. Like, woah.


Savage Love

Dan Savage talks committment, ethical obligations, and Canadian telephones.

Peeping Tom

Hey guy sitting beside Dan Savage on the airplane: Stop reading his mail!


Savage Love

Dan Savage settles a dispute over anal sex.


Savage Love

Three heads are better than one, says Dan Savage.

Love is blind

Blindfolds, munches, and Dan Savage gets flack for defending a case of the cheats.


Ouch damn it

Dan Savage has a carpal-tunnel injury, so what better time than to answer letters about BDSM?

Savage Love

WANTED: Someone to help keep the santorum dream alive. Must enjoy blogging about fecal matter and have a strong dislike for conservative senators with “a problem with homosexual acts”.

Savage Love

Dan Savage says love and commitment matter.