Where can I get some cool movie posters?

Where in St. John’s can I get movie posters?

Asked by RS

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And now, a message for the RPM Challengers

And now, a message for the RPM Challengers

Okay, so you’ve only got four days left to complete your album-in-a-month project, but not to worry. If you’re just starting today, that just means you have to make two and a half songs a day until Saturday. Piece of cake! (BTW: yes, I made this poster, and yes, I am procrastinating.)

24 February 2009

  1. Morgan Murray · February 24, 2009

    If it’s current movie posters you’re after, ask a manager or customer service person at either of the theatres. I think, but don’t hold me to this, they put you on a list to receive left over posters and whacky cardboard cut-outs.

    If you are after the classics (Scarface mostly) there is usually a poster sale at MUN a couple of times a year.