What NL albums were released in 2012?

We’re trying to track down a list of all of the full albums for this year’s Atlantis Music Prize jury. We’re looking for albums that were released by NL residents between Nov 1, 2011 and Oct 31, 2012. An album is defined as 30 minutes of music, or at least 7 songs. No compilations or re-releases. An album that is available for free or paid download (not just streaming), or is available for physical sale at a record store, counts.

We’re pretty sure the following qualify. Which ones are missing?

Adrian House – Angel Eyes
Alan Doyle – Boy on Bridge
AM/FM Dreams – Red Milk
Amelia Curran – Spectators
Anna Wheeler – Hunters in the Night
At Ship’s End – Awake
Baytown – Two Places
Be Alright – S/T
Billy Jack – Knock at the Door
Brendon Hayward – Origins
C’llapse – Out of the Perimeters
Cara Lee Coleman – The Warp
Cara WH – Titties, Ditties, and Tea
Chad Pelley – I’m All Yours And You’re Half Mine
Chris Kirby – Wonderizer
Common Frankincense – Why So Serious?
Crack The Foundation – S/T
Dana Parsons – Within The Dark
Danika Drover – Wanderlust
Dwayne Cote & Duane Andrews – The Empress
Electric Nanz – Desperate Rhymes
Elliott Power – Life in a Trance
Essemblie – Curse This Robot Heart
Evan & Nik – Short Stories
Geoff Bartlett – A Four on The Floor RPM Record
Georgie & JoMo – Mixtape
Gitochige – S/T
Harbour – Across the Sea
Jack E. Tar – Chapters 1-10
Jake Nicoll – Heat Lamp
J Frost – Hunger or Thirst
Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne – A Lovely Time of Year
Joanna Barker – February
Kat McLevey – Turn Here, My Friend
Katie Baggs – Home Again, Home Again
KnoahKnoah – Strange Familiar Home
Man The Animal – We Fall Down
Matthew Hare – This Time Last Year
Micah Brown – Colder Than You Know
Mr. 5 Am – Fun Sacks and Swag Bags
Mr. 5 Am – Step 2 – Find The Appropriate Suspenders
Mythical Man-Month – Some is better than none
Nick Ryan – Side Saddle Flower
Nik & Warren – RPM 2012
Outlandaa – The Scene
People on Pause – Look Lady
Peter Rompkey – RPM Submission 2012
Pilot to Bombardier – Seasides and Rarities
Pilot to Bombardier – Juliet on Fire Keep Clear
Pinwermz – S/T
Quilt – +5 to the Strength
Rasa – Trap Street
Red Noise – Four Years Late and Slightly Different
Sad Tax – Read Pearl Mountain
Scrambled Meggz – Let’s Get Lost
Sean Panting – Man of the Year
Sherry Ryan – Sister of Mine
Sondi – Unbroken Thread
Sonny Tripp – Winston Kearsey
Sonny Tripp – Routes

Spread – Poizen Jam
St Johns Ukulele Orchestra – Beautifully Hideous
Stanley and The Befrienders – Livingstone
Super Best Kind – Super Best Kind
Surgeon – EP
Tao of Toast – Song Shapes and Groove Things
Temples – Passing
The Benevolent Void – The Benevolent Void
The Coffee Dates – God Help Me
The Dardanelles – The Eastern Light
The Indighost – Songs for Weddings and Funerals
The Long Distance Runners – Tracks
The Sea Caves – Of Gold Of Night
The Strangled – Straight to Ghost
The Tequila Rockingbirds – Drowning in a Moment of Enlightenment
Thee Internet – Identity Crisis
This is Terrible – I’m Standing on the Edge of the Darkness
Thom & The Tomcats – For Lovers & The Lonely Alike
Thom Coombes – Little Jokes & False Alarms
Three Trees – The Olive Slip
Two Guitars Clash – The New Economy
Ultramammoth – Human Carrot & Fat Dog
Veneers – Similar Stories
Vic Lou – It Still Wonders Me
Vick & The Hickory Switch – Clown Princess Could Not Sleep

Waterfront Fire – Waterfront Fire
Weak Glutes – Serious Business
Weak Glutes – Man’s Best Friend

Wilding – I am all I’ll ever know
Wizards of Kaos – S/T

NOTE: There are lots of RPM Challenge albums missing from this list, but many of them didn’t see an official release and weren’t fully available to the public. But by all means correct us if they did — write a comment below.


  1. Sara · August 18, 2006

    You need to add:

    The Tequila Rockingbirds who released an album late summer/early fall this year. The album’s titled ” Drowning In A Moment Of Enlightenment” . Available @ Fred’s, HMV etc.


  2. joe · August 18, 2006

    baytown two places

  3. Sophie · August 18, 2006

    Danika Drover – Wanderlust

  4. Kat McLevey · August 18, 2006

    City on the Coast – City on the Coast EP

  5. S.J · August 18, 2006

    Sea Caves (therealseacaves.bandcamp.com)

  6. Annonymous · August 18, 2006

    Dana Parsons – Within The Dark

  7. Elling Lien · August 18, 2006

    Hi Kat! It looks like this release is too short to qualify. It needs to have at least 7 songs or be 30 minutes in length.

  8. Alice · August 18, 2006

    I happen to have heard two songs Chad Pelley’s album, due out Thursday October 25th! http://chadpelley.bandcamp.com/album/im-all-yours-and-youre-half-mine

  9. damian · August 18, 2006

    how about Mathias Kom Sings Songs For The People?

  10. Morgan Murray · August 18, 2006

    Hey Damian,
    On last check Mathias’ album is not available for download, or stream even, as his bandcamp page has been taken down. If you know of an alternative link, let us know.

  11. Elling Lien · August 18, 2006

    I just contacted Mathias and he says it shouldn’t qualify. Outside of putting it online for a few friends, he didn’t make it available publicly…

  12. Elling Lien · August 18, 2006

    Too short, unfortunately!

  13. Geoff Younghusband · August 18, 2006

    Sean Panting – Man of the Year (released Dec 1, 2011)

  14. John · August 18, 2006

    Cafeteria-Sweetheart (due out Nov 16th 2012)

  15. Elling Lien · August 18, 2006

    That’ll have to be for next year’s Atlantis, John!

  16. Elling Lien · August 18, 2006

    Whoops.. Scratch that. I had checked the Bandcamp page and thought the 5 preview tracks there were the whole disc. Sorry about that.

    Two Places has been added to the list.