St. John’s to Burgeo?

Can anyone tell me what the driving time is between St. John’s and Burgeo, I have been wanting to go to Sandbanks provincial park to do some camping for a few years now, and I’m trying to plan. Is it possible to do that drive in a day? How many hours does it take with minimal bathroom break stops?
Any advice or help would be great. Thanks.

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Shitty Service

The service at restaurants in St. John’s is hands down the worst I have ever encountered on a regular basis. Does nobody refill coffee and pop? Do servers not know how to say sorry when they f*#$ up? Shit list includes: Cora’s, Sun Sushi, Gypsy Tea Room, and any fast food place Rant by A. […]

20 September 2011

  1. Karen · September 20, 2011

    I can drive to Deer Lake from St. John’s in about 6 hours, going just over the speed limit and 1 bathroom break.

    I’ve never driven to Burgeo but just asked my niece (she drives there often) and she said it takes about 3 hours.

    So yes it it doable in a day but a lot of driving.

  2. yeahright · September 20, 2011

    I wouldnt waste my time, its not that impressive.

  3. Townie Driver · September 20, 2011

    I used to routinely drive st. John’s to Stephenville, in 7 hours. That is with only 1 stop in bishop’s falls for gas and Timmies. I’d bring my lunch with me and eat while I drove. From Stephenville access road to Burgeo is about another 2 hours. So definitely possible in a single day if you get on the road early.

  4. EastEnd · September 20, 2011

    9.5 hours according to this at an average speed of 94 km/h

  5. OP · September 20, 2011

    I’m the original poster, thanks for the input everyone, I think I’m going to do it, was thinking it may be a day of driving and stopping overnight, but if I get up early enough, I should be there by evening for sure, I’ll pack a lunch!! Cheers

  6. pippipowpow · September 20, 2011

    have a blast! the actual road trip there is usually one of the best parts of the trip! the drive home however, usually sucks :-)

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