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The 9th Annual St. John’s Storytelling Festival will be on the go from October 27 to November 4 in Goose Bay (October 27-28) and St. John’s (October 30 to November 4). Each year the festival brings together some of the best local and international storytelling talent to spin yarns. This year is no different, as world renowned storytellers from as far as Norway, the UK, Argentina, and as near as down the street will be regaling crowds. Check out the lineup here.

Local storyteller Mary Fearon is one of those performing during the festival, she is also the president of the St. John’s Storytelling Festival. She is our guest expert this week, here to answer your questions about all things storytelling and Storytelling Festival.

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3 July 2008

  1. bee · July 3, 2008

    Last year I was invited to a party where we were encouraged to bring a story to tell. What I did to prepare was I walked around signal hill and told my the story aloud to myself. This seemed to work really well! Wondering what you do to prepare / rehearse?

  2. Mary Fearon · July 3, 2008

    I practice. I am a very visual person so once I find the patten in the story I make a road map that helps me create a running movie in my head. Once I have the story visually I start to tell it to myself both out loud and in my head. I will often record myself telling the story and play it back to see where I get stuck and find the parts in the story that I need to work on. Once I have the story ready I will tell it to friends or family and get some feed back from them.

    Thanks Mary Fearon,
    President St. John’s Storytelling Festival

  3. anon · July 3, 2008

    In your own experience, what place does poetry have in Newfoundland’s/Labrador’s storytelling culture?

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