Are there any runners out there who can help me beat plantar fasciitis?

I’m a runner. I love running. And after those long, butt-expanding winter months, I’ve always relied on a good running season to get back into shape and back into my jeans.

This season was all the more critical, as I had a baby last summer, and I’m now post-natally obese. Indeed, as soon as the snow thawed, I hit the trails with wild abandon.

Unfortunately, I’ve developed plantar fasciitis. Plantar freaking fasciitis! Ye cruel and heartless Gods! My foot is so sore that I can barely make it to the grocery store to purchase the tub of ice cream I need to drown my sorrows in.

So, uh, are there any runners out there who have gone through this? Any tried, tested, and true tips to get me back on the trails? Please help. I’m dyin’ here. In the figurative sense. (Pun intended.)


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Smellie Sarah