Anyone know of a good naturopathic doctor?

I have never been to a naturopathic doctor so I would like to have one that is easy to talk to and good at what they’re doing (as you would any doctor!) Any recommendations would be appreciated, and I’m also interested in hearing about anyone’s positive or negative experiences with naturopathy since I have no experience? For some background-I am having digestive issues [sore bloated stomach/irregular bm’s if you know what I mean ;) and my GP has not been finding the root of the problem]…Thanks for any advice!

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Newfie music for kids?

I am looking for kids music from NFLD artists. I already have the lovely Colleen Power with Crooked Stovepipe – FOR LITTLE ONES – and now I just want more. MORE!!!! Asked by

23 January 2013

  1. Gambit · January 23, 2013

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