Anbody what (if any) stores are open today/canada day?

I’m mostly talking grocery and liqour stores, but and information would be apperciated.

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Total Eclipse of the Narrows…

Today I watched the returning Sea Princess entering the narrows. I was awestruck when I first caught sight of  it peeking out above the old museum as I walked down Cathedral Hill. At that time it was – and I imagine still is – the largest vessel to dock in our city’s harbour. Later, just […]

15 September 2006

  1. nikki · September 15, 2006

    shoppers on topsail

  2. Elling · September 15, 2006

    Sobeys and the NLC on Merrymeeting is definitely closed. Just walked there.

  3. Sarah · September 15, 2006

    M+M Meats is usually open on Canada day, I’m sure this year is no exception! Anddd the Liquor Express out by Middle Cove is often open on holidays. :)