20 Wines Under 20 Bucks


KWV, Chenin Blanc $11.76
It’s the second year in a row for this South African white because it’s the best white wine for the cheapest price available. Good acidity, minerality, and clean finish.

Las Moras Sauvignon Blanc Res $13.49
A nice Argentinian Sauvignon blanc with a touch of oak added, slight tropical fruit nose, good acidity and clean finish.

New Harbor Sauvignon Blanc $15.99
Another good Sauvignon with the classic New Zealand style of gooseberry grapefruit and grassy notes and great acidity.

Talamonti Trabocchetto Pecorino $15.99
Pecorino is not a commonly found grape, but I have enjoyed this one for its good acidity and minerality, but also for its slight floral and nutty notes (Italy).

Marius White $16.98
A new addition, also on the list in its red version, these wines from the great Rhone Producer Chapoutier are great starters, the white is made of Vermentino and Terret Blanc, two rarities. It’s viscous, peach blossom aromas, clean, nice acidity and length, something different to try.

Errazuriz Chardonnay $13.99
A cheap Chilean Chardonnay made well, nice use of oak, clean finish and did I mention cheap chardonnay?

Anselmann Riesling Kabinett $14.28
One of my new favourites, a little more initial sweetness, but typical for German Rieslings. This wine is all about the acid, sweet jaysus the acid! If you looked up “acid in wine” in the encyclopedia there would be a picture of David Hasselhoff chugging Anselmann Riesling from the bottle. Try it!

CH St. Jean Sonoma Chardonnay $19.98
A really great California Chardonnay for just under $20. Usually cheap stuff from Cali has too much sugar, no acidity and tastes like you’re sucking on oak chips from the hamster cage. This has none of those things.

Banfi Principessa di Gavi $19.98
For all you Pinot Grigio die-hards, try this option. Its made of Cortese grapes. Very clean, good acidity, nice citrus notes, slight effervescent finish, and it’s not Pinot Grigio!

Arboleda Chardonnay $17.97
Another great Chilean Chardonnay, this one has great fruit, good use of oak, and a clean finish with good acidity ,his one has won a few awards.


Las Moras Tannat Reserve $13.49
This is a full-bodied red from Argentina with nice blackberry flavours and firm tannins. Tannat originated in France and, like Malbec, has gained new life in the Southern hemisphere.

Septima Cabernet Sauvignon $14.99
Another Argentina value. A great cheap Cab that is not over-oaked or under-ripened. A steal for the price.

Alamos Malbec $15.20
Yet another Argentinian. We all know the values found in this country and how many good Malbec are out there. Just try this one from the amazing and consistent producer, Catena.

Perrin Cotes du Rhone Reserve $16.98
These wines are great value and a nice alternative to Aussie Shiraz. Full-bodied Grenache and Syrah blends that have great fruit, and good length. Stop at Hallidays for meat and start the grill.

Marius Red $16.98
A Syrah and Grenache blend this time. A little softer then the Perrin, but in a good way. Slight vanilla and dark berry fruit. Easy going with no rough edges.

Masi Tupungato Passo Doble $17.97
From the well-known Amarone producer, this wine is a take on the Italian Valipolicella Ripasso but made in Argentina with Malbec and Corvina Grapes. The result is a plumy and bright easy-drinking red.

Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot $18.98
Yes, the label and the name of this wine are pure cheese, but the liquid in the bottle is great. It’s a fruit-driven Merlot with good balance and acidity. He may be a meathead, but his wines are good.

Bracamonte Roble 2004 $19.81
A lovely Spanish red of 100 per cent Tempranillo, this is a full-bodied, elegant wine with a lovely balance of currents, spice and tannin. A great wine for the price.

Cloof Cellar Blend $19.95
This South African wine was pretty much created by blending all the leftovers kicking around the winery to make this lovely easy-drinking red that is a crowd-pleaser for all types of wine snobs stuck on their own varietals. Note: mixing your own wines at home will not achieve the same result.

Ogier Heritages Cotes du Rhone $15.99
Yes, another French Rhone blend of Grenache and Syrah, but it’s such a great area for cheap, well-made wines that have good weight, body and balance, and that are perfect for all types of food, particularly the types that you kill and eat.

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