To the summit

When you are looking for a challenge, you pick the biggest, meanest obstacle you can find and you focus on it. And you train. And you plan. And you plan and train some more. This time, TA Loeffler is focusing on Everest.

Field Notes

SPARKS Literary Festival at MUN + English sculptor at A1C.


Review: Republic of Doyle

Now that the show has actually started, is Republic of Doyle any good? Adam Clarke says the short answer is “yes.”

Covering costs

The latest incremental wage boost has stirred up an old debate: what about wages for artists?

Booze + video games

It’s now possible to stomp out goombas while you’re on the sauce downtown.

Review: Ke$ha – Animal

Am I a 14 year old girl? Not the last time I checked. I have no business listening to this album.

Love is blind

Blindfolds, munches, and Dan Savage gets flack for defending a case of the cheats.