Lisa Moore, curator

The well-known local author is curating an exhibit of Helen Gregory’s paintings at The Rooms.

Food, Argh.

Disquieting and fascinating, Food, Inc. is the definitive film about what we’re all eating.

Your City

How much is art worth to the city of St. John’s? The city’s tough decisions on arts funding for 2010.

What’s amoré

Part documentary, part mockumentary, Paper Heart is a charming experiment about the meaning of love.

Forever in blue?

How can a website like compete in the age of Facebook?


Advertising with light… New smoke shop… Children’s Centre moving… and an anniversary for the Murray Premises.


Chocolate? Check. Dried fruit? Check. Andreae Callanan keeps cookies in Christmas.

9 Allan Square

Home owners sometimes put a lot of work into the appearance of their front door, but Don and Doris Hillier of Allan Square have turned the outside of their townhouse into what some would call a work of art.

Home for Christmas

Rising opera star Calvin Powell returns to perform Handel’s Messiah.