My name’s Billy Bragg

The internationally acclaimed folk/punk singer/songwriter/activist/writer chats with us about file sharing, his muse, his book, and being Billy Bragg.

Neighbourhood convenience

Community hubs, just places to grab a six-pack, or both? Shawn Hayward looks at a handful of convenience stores in the St. John’s area. Photos by Kevin Coffey.

Panna cotta

What does a Food Nerd serve at her wedding?

5000 Up

Federal funding for periodicals is changing. Is local literary magazine Riddle Fence in danger?

Fresh season for CBC

Is the CBC actually aiming for greatness, after years of hopeless Air Farce-like fare? Adam Clarke watched the network’s fall schedule to find out.

Take diss

Rapper Johnny Hardcore goes on the attack.

Free Will Astrology

“Is there any person or influence in your life equivalent to Dante’s Beatrice?” asks Rob Brezsny.