Food Nerd answers your science-y questions

Why doesn’t my whole wheat bread ever rise properly? Why do recipes ask you to separate flour/dry ingredients from wet ones? What the heck is cream of tartar and can I just use baking powder instead?

DIY: Write Your Own Novel

My to-do list for November: rake leaves, mock American friends for their placement of Thanksgiving, write a novel.


Need some last minute advice on where to grab a Halloween costume? Here t’is.

Mightypop turns one

Its mission? To bring a unique brand of Canadian independent music to Newfoundland.


Free Will Astrology

“Hey! Wake up! Let’s go everywhere and do everything!” says Rob Brezsny.

Lightning Bolt – Earthly Delights

The duo’s modus operandi has always been total sensory overload and although the album occasionally slows down to a druggy sludge, on the whole it is near a Merzbow level of audio carnage.

You Say Party! We Say Die! – XXXX

Always catergorized as a band best appreciated live rather than on record, YSPWSD’s new album XXXX does a much better job of conveying them as more than just a pile of drunken scenesters.