How to start an awesome festival in 7 easy steps

Created in 1989, the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival has become one of the most important and consistently exciting festivals in the province. They’re so good, in fact, that their story might as well be a model for how to start your own festival.

SJIWFF: Our festival picks

Film critics Adam Clarke and Jill Butler review the highlights of this year’s Women’s Film Festival.

SJIWFF: An owl costume at Cannes

Originally made as an entry for the 48-Hour Film Challenge in Toronto, The Hall ended up cleaning house at that festival’s award ceremony, was slingshotted to festivals in the States, continued to win awards, and even caught the attention of Roger Ebert, who wrote about the film.

SJIWFF: All in the family

Jill Butler caught up with filmmaker Sherry White between destinations to find out more about Crackie, a story about a young outport girl who brings a rebellious mutt into an already fractured home.

Now I hear it

Chris Brookes, a local audio documentary producer and self-described sound nerd went on a quest to discover what Elizabethan England sounded like.

Gadgets, schmadgets

Show me the button and I probably won’t push it, says Andreae Prozesky.


Asian Variety, partridgeberry crystals, home decor and Halloween costumes.

RCA: Raising the curtain, rocking the cradle

David Keating sat down with Amy House, the company’s artistic animateur, to talk about RCA’s new production, Rocking the Cradle, and about the ongoing renovations at the LSPU Hall.

Not like you think

Shawn Hayward talks to one St. John’s mother about her child’s experience with autism.