Evening News Deathmatch

Recently, CBC-TV and NTV have moved their six o’clock newscasts to 5:30 and extended them to ninety minutes. Knowing a battle when we smell one, we asked our opinionated movie/pop culture/everything critic Adam Clarke to keep tabs on the two shows and offer up his evaluation.

Town away from town

St. John’s isn’t the only municipality holding an election on September 29. Citizens will be electing or re-electing their mayors and councillors in over 140 towns and cities across the province, including Mount Pearl, Paradise, Conception Bay South, and Torbay.

Our punk rock heritage

Punk hit Newfoundland hard and it hit early. This year the Rock Can Roll Festival is digging through the past with a closing night conference entitled “Preserving our Punk Rock Heritage.”

Painting the town

Looking at a painting by Ontario expressionistic painter John Hartman, you know cities mean more to him than a simple collection of buildings and roads on a landscape. They live, they breathe, they’re things with history and personality. His exhibit Cities is coming to The Rooms’ art gallery this month, and Elling Lien caught Hartman en route.


Local biz news: Fogtown T-shirts, Karma Hair Salon, 2 dance studios, a gallery and some renos.


Field Notes

A local self-help book is published, municipal candidates weigh in on the arts, and the Canadian Musical Diversity fund goes up in smoke.

Red cliff radar site

In 1951, when the Cold War made air defence from Soviet bombers a priority, the site was chosen as a radar base for North East Air Command, as part of a North American early warning system.


Free Will Astrology

Astrologist Rob Brezsny opts for the brassy orange and white bottle with bold black lettering.

Savage Love

WANTED: Someone to help keep the santorum dream alive. Must enjoy blogging about fecal matter and have a strong dislike for conservative senators with “a problem with homosexual acts”.