Sounds of Summer

We asked all ten of last year’s shortlisted bands and artists to share their favourite summer albums.


The Newfoundland fishery and Billy Boot garbage bags. By Sarah Smellie

I Saw Thee, II

In the 18th it was the poet, the 19th the novelist, the 20th the rapper; in ours, the 21st century, the great writer is the anonymous internet writer. Famed literary critic Dr. Reginald D. Abergavenny III turns his critical eye to two recent I Saw Yous.

Spooky City

Morgan Murray takes a walk on the dark side with St. John’s Haunted Hike creator Dale Jarvis.

New Movies

A look ahead at a handful of summer films, by Mark Jerrett, Natalie Ivany, Jen Squires, and Lauren Power.

Netflix: It Doesn’t Suck

That much. But it’s pretty much on par with that corner store that offered video rentals, says Adam Clarke.

The Wicked Memorial Variety Show – August 11

The centerpiece of MUN’s all-years reunion is The Wicked Memorial Variety Show, featuring: The Wonderful Grand Band and Hey Rosetta!, Amelia Curran, Barry Canning, Andrew James O’Brien, and Jonny Harris. And it’s hosted by TV’s Mark O’Brien.