Keep On Truckin’

The humble food truck has gone gourmet almost everywhere else­—what’s the hold up here in St. John’s? Sarah Smellie investigates.

Nickel Picks

The Nickel Film Festival is back later this month. Here are some of the ones Scope reviewers Mike Jerrett, Jen Squires, and Lauren Power dug the most.

Orange Wave Over City Hall

At a party fundraiser in St. John’s on May 12th federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair rattled a few cages when he endorsed St. John’s councillor-at-large Sheilagh O’Leary for mayor. Should he MYOB?

Spreading the Wings

Local wingery Wing’n It is taking over the island, now with four locations.

Your New Itinerary

A slew of new chain stores and restaurants have opened, or are set to open, in St. John’s lately. Check ’em out, make a day of it.