Sick of love or love sick this Valentine’s Day? Adam Clarke has the cure for either: cuddle up with the most romantic people on Earth—comics.

TTFN, CBTG’s Sandy

Sandy Chisholm, long-time owner of CBTG’s, has sold the business and is moving on.

Hot Ticket: Rig, February 14 to 18

On the 30th anniversary of the Ocean Ranger’s sinking, Joan Sullivan’s dramatic adaptation of Mike Heffernan’s book “Rig: An Oral History of the Ocean Ranger Disaster” plays at the Arts & Culture Centre.

Lady of the Dance

Mary Walsh talks to Sarah Smellie about Rob Ford, the state of Canadian political satire, and her new show “Dancing with Rage” at the LSPU Hall.

Townhouse & Side Salad

Taryn Shppard looks into how a proposed mixed townhouse, commercial, and lettuce farm building downtown fits into a growing global trend of grown architecture.