2011 Atlantis Prize Short List: Casual Male “Bonding”

“Basically, the intention was to capture the trashy, spontaneous spirit of early rock ‘n roll,” says Victor Lewis, then catches himself. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a tossed off project… We’re super proud of it.”


2011 Atlantis Prize Short List: The Burning Hell “Flux Capacitor”

“After moving to Newfoundland that part of my brain spit out all these songs about time travel, nostalgia, childhood and death, and while they’re all different, the whole album is really tied together by the essential problem faced by Marty McFly and Doc Brown: how do we deal with our past without messing up our future?” says Mathias Kom.


2011 Atlantis Prize Short List: Hey Rosetta! “Seeds”

“I like the name Seeds for the record because the songs are seeds,” lead singer and songwriter Tim Baker told The Scope earlier this year. “They’re these little things–four and five minute things –but they have the ability to grow in your brain and be far more meaningful than just what they are.”


2011 Atlantis Prize Short List: Repartee “Repartee”

“I’ve always been intrigued by pop songs with depth, if that makes any sense,” singer Meg Warren says. “Tunes that are sonically and lyrically interesting and creative, but still simple in every way… I think that’s the kind of music we’re trying to make here.”