I Saw Thee

To celebrate the anniversary of what has become the most popular section of our website, we have commissioned a famed literary critic to take a closer look at a few of the more popular I Saw Yous.

Big Ideas 2011

What’s one innovative idea that would make St. John’s a better place? Here are some ideas from readers and contributors.

Magine Snowboards

Handmade snowboards in Newfoundland? ‘Magine dat! The Port Au Port-based Magine Snowboards will be launching their line of homegrown snowboards this coming December.

Ron Hynes as Wondracorp's Colonel Bob.

A Tale of Future Past: A short oral history of Anchor Zone

1994’s Anchor Zone was the highest-budgeted Newfoundland film of its time and it was set to jump-start local cinema. It didn’t. Adam Clarke interviewed the cast and crew about the film’s tumultuous production, a punk rock song dedicated to Anchor Zone and a revolutionary plan to release the movie on CD-ROM instead of VHS tapes.