Triple Thickonomics

You may not be able to compare and apple to an orange, but you can compare the price of a milkshake in Labrador City to the price of one in St. John’s.


Roll it Out

At long last, bike lanes are coming to St. John’s. For real.

Jess Huber's (top left) rent is on the way up. Provincial NDP leader Lorraine Michael (top right) thinks the province needs some form of rent control. St. John's Deputy Mayor Shannie Duff (bottom right) would like to see incentives for developers to build units for low-to-mid range rentals. Realtor and landlord Brad Stone (bottom right) thinks rent control could work as long as the rights and needs of both landlords and tenants are worked into it.

Lost Control

Rent is on the loose while the province’s economy booms.

Exceeding Eggspectation

Adam Clarke talks to Jordan Canning about directing, writing the Come Thou Tortoise screenplay, and whether stop-motion eggs are sometimes food.

No Parking

Are there creative architectural solutions to our downtown parking problems?