RPM Challenge 2010: 86 new local albums

It’s not a contest—there are no winners, no losers. It’s just a challenge to get people working on their music. We can’t think of a more worthwhile thing to do in the coldest, crappiest month of the year.


Two debuts

Until June by Jane Maggs will officially debut in Newfoundland on April 8th, but the actors will be sharing centre stage with the stage itself: the newly renovated LSPU Hall.


I, Repo

Is Repo Men a rip off of Repo Man, the 1984 cult film? This sounds like a job for Adam Clarke.

Women of the house

For the first time in this province’s history, three of the province’s political parties were led by women for the six weeks Premier Danny Williams was recuperating from heart surgery. Was it a landmark for women’s representation in politics?

Ghost in the Machine

While it’s hardly one of Polanski’s greatest works, it’s easily a distant cousin.