StitchUp for Friday, September 21, 2012

Stephanie shot by //d for the StitchUp 1/4



At first glance you really get that Stephanie pulls influence from a natural, kind of “60s/70s hippy” kind of place. When I stopped her she mentioned that she wished she hadn’t just changed out of her shorts because she thought it might be the cuter look but I’d say in these cool September evenings playing it safe with black leggings is still a fine choice.

Stephanie shot by //d for the StitchUp 3/4

Stephanie shot by //d for the StitchUp 2/4

My favourite piece in this outfit is the shirt. It has a great texture, and the flowery pattern lends to that natural feel throughout, especially with the canvas and leather bag and moccasins.

Stephanie shot by //d for the StitchUp 4/4


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The Duke of Duckworth

31 May 2013

  1. Eelanus · May 31, 2013

    This gal always looks great – I see always in a cute outfit around town.

    That sweater is super super cute! Love all the different textures in the outfit, as well as the colours.

    Nice find, Darrell.

  2. h3llo · May 31, 2013

    gorgeous! looking good girl!

  3. helloworld · May 31, 2013

    Can someone post something informative about moccasins on white people, racist appropriation or not? Preferably someone well-read and informed, not just an personal opinion or rant.

  4. Dr. Harrington · May 31, 2013


    You are quite correct- there is a veritable plethora of ill-informed moccasin speculation on the pages of the world wide web. From gross inaccuracies to patent misunderstandings regarding both the form and function of this charming and laden foot covering, it is difficult for the layperson to make sense of it all, separating fact from fiction if you will. As a long-time moccasin archivist, I could certainly direct you to a list of reliable resources (including a very amiable list-serv out of the University of Framlingham (Shropshire campus)).

    Dr. Walsden M. Harrington, esq. (PhD, Moccasin Studies)

  5. Elling Lien · May 31, 2013
  6. Dame Jackson · May 31, 2013

    Dr. Harrington,

    Harrington, you milkfed nincompoop- your half-witted mumblings besmirsch the very foundations of Mocassinography! Your decision to link the explosion of mid-60’s American moccasin production to the Bay of Pigs incident in your unpublished treatise, The Sole of War- Mid-century Leathercraft in Crisis,was laughable, not to mention your amateurish use of the semi-colon in said paper.

    For those reasons, I would suggest that interested parties send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Mrs. Betsy Bowers, secretary-elect of the Pilkford Moccasin Trust. Mrs. Bowers would be happy to forward a mimeograph of the proceedings of the Trust’s most recent luncheon, rich ground for any devotee of moccasins.


    Dame Antoinella Jackson, Chair, The Pilkford Mocassin Trust

  7. arfarf · May 31, 2013

    she looks like a cute girl but head to toe american apparel isn’t my bag.

  8. Ryan · May 31, 2013

    ^As someone that works with her at American Apparel, I can safely say the only thing she’s wearing from American Apparel in that picture is the top. The shoes, bag, jewelry are all non-AA items. The black leggings could be from anywhere. Sounds to me like you just don’t like it when people wear anything from American Apparel at all.

  9. KP · May 31, 2013

    Remind me never, ever to buy that top. She is a great looking girl and the rest of her outfit is perfect… but the boxy shape of that top cannot possibly do anything for anyone’s shape. Love, love, love the moccasins!