StitchUp for Friday, October 12, 2012

Allison - shot by //d/ for StitchUp 1/3


There’s no denying that this time of year everyone wants to bundle themselves up, and it’s kind of refreshing to see people having fun with sweaters.

Allison - shot by //d/ for StitchUp 2/3

Allison mentioned that she’s worked around clothes for a while and she enjoys playing with different looks. She says she seeks out her pieces everywhere from places like Winners to little boutiques downtown.

Allison - shot by //d/ for StitchUp 3/3

Not only do I enjoy the colours and patterns Allison is working with here, but I like the way she’s wearing the sweater — the placement of the belt a little higher on the waist creates a visual break and elongates the leg.

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10 September 2009

  1. BOB · September 10, 2009

    F’k she’s hot.

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