StitchUp for Friday, July 13, 2012

becki shot by //d. for the StitchUp 1/2



I’ve known Becki for a few years now and photographed her for StitchUp back in January of last year. We always seem to bump into each other when she is dressed for weather, and this past Friday was no different. I was enjoying the wet afternoon with a coffee and cigar when she and her cousin popped across the street to greet me.

This time around Becki was dressed for the downpour we had that day. Her coat suits her body type really well, and it’s cut a lot differently than some raincoats from StitchUps past. It has a bit more of a flare, starting at the waist, with its high collar. Becki’s choice to roll the sleeves is also a nice touch.

becki shot by //d. for the StitchUp 2/2

Though her palette is natural and subdued, Becki manages to get some colour in with her nails, and ties together the seaside rainy town theme with the pop of red in her earrings.

Even though this town’s blustery climate isnt kind to them, my overall favorite peice here is probably Becki’s choice of umbrella. It’s super basic but brings some retro-futurism into the look.

Listen to becki’s take on her favourite piece.


“Cato” by Construction & Destruction

A Nova Scotia band with an eclectic sound.

6 September 2013

  1. Catherine · September 6, 2013

    I love these pictures of Becki ! She’s always very stylish…every time I see her there is always something I have to compliment her on…you ROCK Becki :):):)

  2. June · September 6, 2013

    Love the boots and how they match nicely with the band on the umbrella.The Michael Kors purse blends well with the neutral colour of her coat.That smile says it all Love the look!