StitchUp for Friday, January 25, 2013

Claire Shot by //d. for the StitchUp 1/3



It’s been a cold week, so for the StitchUp, indoors has been better for all involved. Location location location.

Claire Shot by //d. for the StitchUp 2/3

Clare is looking stunning in this cozy outfit. The palette matches our current string of weather, dark and grey, and even the few colours used here are muted, so it meshes quite well.

Claire Shot by //d. for the StitchUp 3/3

Theres a fantastic subtlety in Clare’s outfit. The print on her dress toward the top has two inks which are carried through in the tights and again in the purse.


Other events Wednesday Feb 14

The Great Casavant Organ, David Drinkell plays varied programs of sacred and secular works, 1:15pm-1:45pm, free, Anglican Cathedral Seminar: The Battle of the Bibles w/ Prof Walter Veith, A study of Revelation, 7pm-8pm, free, MUN Engineering, EN-2006 (Parking Lot 16) Poetry reading: Carmine Starnino, winner of the Canadian Authors Association Prize, The A.M. Klein Award, […]

31 January 2007

  1. J · January 31, 2007

    Beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Sean · January 31, 2007

    Looking beautiful sister Clare! You make your older fatter brother proud :)

  3. Gambit · January 31, 2007