StitchUp for Friday, August 31, 2012

don shot by //d. for the StitchUp 1/4



I met Don while out for one of my walks around downtown. He was tidying up next to his shop down on Water Street. At first I almost walked past him, but then I took notice of what was really going on in this ensemble. The more I look at it, the more genius I find in the subtleties.

don shot by //d. for the StitchUp 2/4

One of the first things I look for in a really great outfit is footwear. You can tell a lot about the sartorial prowess of an individual by what they put on their feet. The tan suede shoes here are immaculate, with really great stitching and customized a bit with some playful blue laces.

don shot by //d. for the StitchUp 3/4

Why the blue laces? They tie together the upper and lower portion of the outfit. They also play really well with that super subtle hint of blue of the pattern in the pants.

don shot by //d. for the StitchUp 4/4

I love what Don has done with breaking up the cool vertical lines of his shirt with that really great square-crop horizontally-striped tie. Not only does it break up the cool colour and pattern combo but the proportion and length is perfect.


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8 January 2007

  1. Gymkhana · January 8, 2007

    Very well done, something you would find featured on:

  2. Allie · January 8, 2007

    I love this guy. He works at Home (the store) :)

  3. Namaste · January 8, 2007

    I dig this ensemble, but have to question the hem of the pants. Is it too high or just right?

  4. Darrell Edwards · January 8, 2007

    Great question. As with most things It all comes down to taste. More American style traditionalists might say that these are way too short, that the back of your pant leg should fall just above the back sole of the shoe, and drape over the front – but the break in this pant sits perfectly well for a more European look.

    If I’ve done my googling properly, this hem is called a full break. The back hangs at the top of the heel where the front breaks over the top of the front of the shoe.

    I think in this case it looks great, though i’ve seen it illustrated much better with a slimmer cut pant.

  5. Mike · January 8, 2007

    Love the look Don. I’m in the prcess of completely overhauling my wardrobe and this is a good starting point. Althought, I’d have the pants a little longer. All a matter a taste I guess.

    And I may be mistaken, but I don’t think the glasses have lenses – a la LeBron James.

  6. b00n · January 8, 2007

    Looks good but the hem of the pants makes it look silly.

  7. Darrell Edwards · January 8, 2007

    hey! further to your question, i came across this great Q&A from “style girlfriend” check out the second question down:

    hope that sheds better light on hems and breaks.

  8. Kylie · January 8, 2007

    I love Don and his immaculate sense of style! Xo

  9. Erin · January 8, 2007

    My favorite so far!