StitchUp for Friday, August 24, 2012

Katie Shot by //d. for the StitchUp 1/3



I ran into Katie on her way to a wedding reception. It was getting on evening time, there was a scattered shower, and the air was cooling — dare I say that you could feel a little fall in the air.

Katie Shot by //d. for the StitchUp 2/3

That’s why I really dig what she has going on here. Her outfit effortlessly makes a graceful, albeit early, seasonal transition. I’m drawn to the peachy pink, because it’s still super bright and summery (along with the wedge heeled sandals) but that cheery feeling is curbed slightly by the greys in the coat and scarf.

Katie Shot by //d. for the StitchUp 3/3

One of my favourite details is the bit of glitz that Katie brings to her outfit by contrasting the organic textures in the rest of her outfit with the slight sheen of her clutch.


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St. John’s Busker’s Festival (Aug 4-6) Click here for a full schedule. B-17 “Flying Fortress” Liberty Belle Tour will offer tours and the opportunity to fly in the aircraft, Reserve (918) 340-0243, airport Family Days at the Garden, nature hike 10am, story time w/ arts & crafts 11am, dining w/ ducks noon, garden tour 1pm, […]

4 August 2006

  1. Eelanus · August 4, 2006

    Love the colour combo, and the ruffle on the dress.

  2. Allie · August 4, 2006

    Great! Nice to see somebody with style for once. I loathe your obsession with combat boots. I guess it’s comparable to your hatred of flip flops.

  3. Darrell Edwards · August 4, 2006

    HAH! fair enough.