StitchUp for April 27, 2012

Jill & Mimi shot by //d. for StitchUp 1/4

Jill & Myriam


You may remember Jill and Myriam from a StitchUp last August. Well, they’re back in town again for another short visit with family.

I met Jill seven or eight years ago, and have admired her style since day one. She’s always put together great outfits and it’s been interesting to see her style shift over the years. And since Myriam came along, it’s also been fun to see how Jill dresses her.

I am really enjoying that the outfits seem basic, but have careful layers of interest. Jill’s got that ultra vibrant dress that is balanced with the black tights and exceptional leather jacket. At first glance the dress looks to be pretty standard, but there’s a lot of texture and pattern at play — the contrast of texture between the leather and soft lace-like fabric of the dress is a really smart touch.
Jill & Mimi shot by //d. for StitchUp 2/4

One thing that Jill has always been good at is attention to detail and flourishes; little additional pieces that kick her outfits into high gear. It’s no different here with the scarves chosen for Myriam and herself — both tie into the looks so well, and lend that little something extra.

Jill & Mimi shot by //d. for StitchUp 3/4

Little Myriam has on a pair of really awesome slip-ons with that frilly dress with the fantastic filigree pattern under the crisp denim jacket. Cute!
Jill & Mimi shot by //d. for StitchUp 4/4


Music Thursday, Sept 20

Acoustic Insiders, 10:30pm, Martini Bar Armondo Fowlow & Friends, Fat Cat Carl Peters & Kenny Butler, Turkey Joe’s Chris LeDrew & Friends (pop) The Dock Dave Panting, Erin’s Pub Denielle Hann (trad) 6pm-9pm, Larry Foley & Patrick Moran (trad) 10:30pm, O’Reilly’s Freddy Jorgensen & Arthur O’Brien (trad) 8pm, no cover, Kelly’s Pub Fuse, George Street […]

12 September 2007

  1. Nire · September 12, 2007

    Both Ladies are very well dressed: love both the outfits!!!

  2. Miss M · September 12, 2007

    I love everything about this :)

  3. Myrt · September 12, 2007

    Where can I get that dress?!