Your New Itinerary

Looking for a way to spend a cool mid-June afternoon? I’ve put together a little plan for you for checking a slew of chain stores and restaurants in town…

Start at the new strip mall in the Avalon Mall parking lot, where Roots, purveyor of fine Canadian plaids, leathers, and sweats; Globo Shoes, the burliest member of the Aldo Group of shoe stores, and Bouclair, a mid-range Quebec-based housewares store for the house that likes to wear coordinated throw pillows and vases, all opened this past month.

If you’ve worked up an appetite by this point, swing by the popular self-serve pay-by-weight frozen yogurt joint Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. 2006 Olympic Curling Champion and local highway namesake Brad Gushue owns the rights to three local Menchie’s franchises, the first of which is set to open at 191 Kenmount Road (near Starbucks) in early June.

After frozen yogurt, hop on the Number Two and head down to the Village Mall where Quebec-based discount department store Rossy has taken over for the now defunct Quebec-based discount department store Hart. The Village will also soon be home to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the Nova Scotia street and skatewear store City Streets.

By now it’s getting on towards the supper hour, so take your bargains and the Number Three for a scenic downtown tour on your way to carnivore heaven, the newest Montana’s Cookhouse at 13 Stavanger Drive (next to the new-ish Second Cup).


What’s proper mummering protocol?

So you are dressed up in all the gear and you go to your neighbour’s house, knock on the door, then what? Do they invite you in and give you drinks and snacks? Are you supposed to sing and dance for them? Arm wrestle? What? Asked by Awkward Mummer

12 December 2011

  1. EastEnd · December 12, 2011

    I’ve also heard that a Golftown will be opening in the new Harvey Power Center.

  2. totally_gay · December 12, 2011

    I always look forward to the scope’s annual Guide to Being a Douche-bag.

  3. Hamm · December 12, 2011

    Roots: overpriced. Globo: second rate Shoe Company. Rossy: no difference from Hart.

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